I like how nano not only shows you unnecessary whitespaces, it throws them in your face and and screams "YOU SEE THAT? WHAT IS THIS SHIT? DELETE THIS DISGRACE TO CLEAN INDENTED CODE!"

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    Clean the monitor.. please
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    I personally find white space helps code readability. Nobody wants to read code that is all crammed together.
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    @MaccaMc what you are referring to are empty lines, what is highlighted is whitespaces in empty line aka spaces and tabs ending with \n .
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    @MaccaMc the empty line isn't what's highlighted, it's extra spaces in that line. If those spaces are deleted then the empty line will still be there and not highlighted.
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    Ohh. My bad :p
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    Jetbrains IDE removes them automatically for you (or it's an option). Which is even better imo.
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    @kerrermanisNL I know... But I think it would run quiet slow on my raspi ;)
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    @Elandor coding directly on a RasPi? I use JetBrains on my main computer and deploy the code to my RasPi when I want to change code ;)
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    @NathanDoesDev. Tbh, I really like the "retro" feel :D
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    @Elandor haha fair enough! :)
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    vim does the same thing, more configurable actually:

    " Show all tabs:
    " Show trailing whitespace:
    " Show trailing whitespace only after some text (ignores blank lines):
    " Show spaces before a tab:
    / \+\ze\t

    From vim.wikia
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    Dat print screen, btw
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    Is that PHP?
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    @Elandor oh interesting. It's been so long since I last touched C that I didn't remember it having arrow "->" operators or "0b" binary notation.
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