devrant has stopped giving free stickers to 3new users with 30++..on .rants 😔😔😔😔

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    ok, and who are those 3 users? I wonder what did those 3 users do to be denied of stickers
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    @JhonDoe sorry actually that "3" is typing mistake.... Tht shouldn't be there 😅😅
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    @copyninza I thought that much, just wanted to joke about it 😊
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    But you can still buy them and support the site
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    I think when you are running a service that can barely make its server costs you will eventually start to question your practice of giving free stuff to newbies.
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    @Lor-inc especially whenever s large group of people join and say they're here for the stickers.
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    I propose raising the sticker requirements to 10.000++.
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    The good old days when they gave free stickers when you reach 20++ on rant...
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    I guess now would be the time to ask @dfox for my free stickers?
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