When God coded people, i think he forgot to write documentation for the brain

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    Must be why so many people shit post, huh?
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    @Stuxnet ooooh shit 😂
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    actually he was obviously a big fan of self documenting code 🤔
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    @Stuxnet don’t knock the shitposting dr pavel!
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    Well, the claim is that we messed it up, and it's not functioning as originally designed, so perhaps the documentation wouldn't be as useful as you might like.
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    God wrote the documentation just fine, but the testers lost it, the junior devs were tasked to rewrite it, the Apple users, after trying to find compatable software to open it, do read it but don't understand it, so they sell away their soul after assuming they haven't, the Windows and Android users don't even bother reading it, but they at least know they are selling away their souls, the other devs read it and just shake their heads with tears of regret and dissapointment running down their faces at human idiocy and the complete lack of understanding of the original software...
    God's not the problem, it's you, honey.
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