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Hello Mr. Tester Guy, At last you finally saw this. I don't know how to say this but I'm sick and tired of your bs!

You wanna know what’s wrong with everything?

I could tell you what’s wrong with this country – or at least I could give you my opinion about it. I could tell you what’s wrong with “the church” (as though all churches are guilty of what some churches do). But I can't fucking tell what your problem is!

Let’s get pragmatic for a second.

I have worked tirelessly for over only God knows how long, trying to get this platform running on all browsers in this world even on obsolete ones (IE7,6,5,4,3... to the shithole).

You are heartless!
After all these pain you still rant about index pages not rendering equally in time across all browsers.
You are a demon from hell!

I could go on, but with your degree in Q.A. (like measuring the margin between two images using a tape-rule or looking for typos in a dummy text) you should understand my point fucking cunt.

I realize I just ranted a little, but I’d like to think that this rant is more of an attempt to end the useless practice of ranting about your moronic findings on this platform.

The devil awaits you in hell, bitch!


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    Only idiots still use ie! 🤬
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    You want to end devrant? :(
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    Testers test against specs. If the specs are shit and impossible a good QA will argue with the stakeholders but if we lose we will flag anything breaking those specifications.

    Reporting stuff we know is not fixable but is still demanded by the non IT folks (only to be ignored at any release either way) is the shittiest part of our job but it's still the job we do. Bad on your tester if he doesn't communicate it to you but don't judge him for doing what he's paid for. Also your "Measuring margins with a ruler" line makes me assume that you're an insufferable idiot with a god complex without respect for other peoples jobs which gives me a hint way he wouldn't want to spend time communicating with you.
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    Pure chaos is when you don't have specs to develop against, so the testers and the devs both try and determine the correct behavior, and then bicker endlessly over it.
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