Fuck Visual Studio.

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    I love it. And ye, what happened?
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    Try ReSharper.
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    It's strange, VS is somehow the best IDE and the worst IDE at the same time. lol Basically it kept losing my references, so I had to remove and add them again multiple times. Nuget restore wouldn't play along either, and Consolidate would crash VS. I've resorted to stashing, fetching and pulling again. This works, but obviously it's not a proper solution.
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    Just fuck it X(
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    Just Xcode 😍
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    @vanSlasher I've been having a lot of trouble with nuget packages saying their incompatible dnx v5 or something in some Angular 2 and WebApi solutions I've been trying to setup for a personal projects.
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    I found this offensive
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    Slow as fuck
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