In my day off I was eager to try overclocking in my pc and this is how it went:

- Fucked up overclocking parameters for cpu and ram speed.

- BIOS is broken, had to take out gpu to do a reset taking out the bios battery.

- BIOS is up again, default values loaded, bla bla

- Did not try to fuck off anymoar with overclocking, just kept playing star wars and went to sleep safe and sound like a baby.

- Gotta work now. docker does not start, closes itself after tried to start, docker panic, I panic, tried to uninstall, tried to update. nothing works

- Then I remember bios default values leaves virtualization off. enables it again, docker still not working. I panic again, restarted pc like 10 times between disabling/enabling hyper-v in windows.

- Docker dies. not gonna change my overclock options again. silly me 🤦‍♂️

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    Shits happen 🥴
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    This is why you should oc before you install important shit.
    A lot of programs are bound to hardware parameters and will crash if you change them.
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    What's oc?
    I want to try VM but afraid shit like this may happen.
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    @cho-uc oc = overclocking

    I think you'll be fine, unless you have a tricky setup like mine: docker + wsl
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    Of course you failed your first overclock. Most of them are unstable. You need to understand the different timings, how they relate, and tweak everything accordingly. Then test, test, test. Stress testing is your friend.

    Giving up after the first try is like saying:
    * "Oh no, I bought this stock and it went DOWN! So I sold it! and lost money! I'll never do that again."
    * "Oh no, I jumped in the water and I couldn't walk anymore! It was so scary, I better not go in the water anymore."
    * "I tried to program, and there was an error! I won't try that again."
    * etc. etc. etc.

    Root is pissy, so Root isn't being nice.

    Anyway, keep trying. You won't cause any damage to your system unless you push the voltage too high. and you don't need to do that unless your overclock is quite high, too, so start small and learn what works. Eventually you'll get the hang of it.
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    @Root gotcha, thx for the advice you're nice even being pissy. 👍

    I'll try it again when my docker installation does not suffer with my failed attempts. Cuz, that pc puts the food on the table. Surely will try again, either I got another pc or docker in windows gets stable ✌️
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    Pissy @Root is stil nice..
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    @sladuled @JhonDoe I tried really hard to make that sound nice.
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    @Root Teach me.. I spend ~ 30min rewriting emails/skypes/jiras to customers...and even then if you're native speaker you can sense the 'fuck you' subtone..
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