Why is it that everything looks so ugly in Ubuntu? By everything, I mean the IDEs (Eclipse/Intellij), editors (sublime/vs code) and even the web pages. They look more clean and pleasing in Windows or Mac.
Is there a extension or plugin that'll make things look "pleasing"?
Sure, I can edit the font to be anything I want in vs code, but it is only for the editor. The sidebar and the menu still is in default system font (I don't like Ubuntu font)

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    Try elementary os?

    I try to not be one of those that says try x whenever you're asking about y, but in this case you may genuinely like elementary os over Ubuntu. It looks better. A lot better imo
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    Assuming you use Gnome: In the Software "Gnome-Tweaks" you can configure the font under section "fonts".
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    @sbiewald I know about Gnome-tweaks and I've used it in the past. The tweaks apply to the OS and not to the applications themselves.
    For example, in vscode, the explorer's font isn't customizable. And the default font is Ubuntu. I assume it'd be the same for sublime or atom.
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    Yeah about that.. BUT since it can run any JetBrains editors and android studio without any lagging, I'm using that distro.

    PS: I use the lubuntu flavor just to make it lighter 😓
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