Found a Google employee in street view getting lost and using paper map .. There are also seem to be 2 guides with him...

I find it kinda amusing

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    @drac94 whoosh ... You work at YouTube? :O
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    What obscure things do they know about gmaps.
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    How did you accidentally find that? Played around with Google Earth VR?
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    @TheCommoner282 no, was trying to plan my trip to this place knowing I'd get lost
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    @drac94 95% sure this guy is helping to capture the street view photos... He was on all shots of the street..

    And lucky you with that shirt 😉
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    Actually interesting point...i wonder if there are any Google devs here.. Or are they too happy to rant with us...
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    @vortex I actually do not believe that Google is a happy place where unicorns exist and everything is great. I believe that it might be one of the hardest places to be. In terms of pressure at least...

    But I have never been there, neither have I met someone who was.
    Would be cool to get to know something about that place :)
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    @Rohr maybe google employees ARE the unicorns... Fairytale creatures that don't really exist...?🤔
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