What are the job prospects in India (Hyderabad) for a 2 year exp guy in software development from US? I'm in the US on OPT and most probably headed back to India in June 2020 because I don't have an H1.

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    Doing legacy php or outsourced java4 for like 30$ a month
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    @tekashi OMG really??? What I've also heard is that most of the jobs aren't even complete dev jobs either. Most of the time people make small enhancements and then rest of the work is just reporting and Ms Excel or word.
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    Im not even joking, the pay there is laughable and most of the what we call lumberwork is outsourced there, leave if you can.
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    @tekashi you mean leave India? By the way, I've also heard most of the actual development work happens in startups, is that true? So what about the nature of work in companies like TCS, Wipro etc. ?
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    @newandroidfan There is a lot of people in india. So there is a huge competition. If you arent super good yu wont get a decent job.
    But you have to check yourself because you can get lucky.
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