Watched so many tutorials recently, my inner English voice started having an Indian accent!

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    What has India to do with YouTube tutorials?
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    How are the two even related??
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    Yep that mostly happens when you start learning Java
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    @firefish @arginine most YouTube tutorials are done by guys with heavy Indian accents.
    Sure the white guy gets the most clicks but the ratio remains 1:40.
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    I'm Indian and I only watch non Indian tutorials, because accent
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    I'm strange
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    In India, there is not a single English accent. Normally everybody has mother tongue influence on spoken English and there are too many languages in India. Most people have English as their third language.
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    @samxxx I know, and I can hear different accents but still they have the same characteristics like softening of "d" sounds and hardening of "t" sounds at the end of the word
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    Joke aside, found some awesome Indian teachers! They should be paid for how good they are. God bless for taking that time and sharing their smarts with the rest of us.
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    I have lots of bad experience with people from India. The tech support is legendary. Just like sloth scene in Zootopia movie.
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    @mt3o you get a ++ just for the amazing reference
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