Current work project: Ok where is the master branch?
Coworker: Oh we lost that one a few months ago due to some merge conflicts...

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    So many odd branches are floating around and I dont know why they exist. And everything is stored on a local repo on a network drive...
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    Oh boi! Good luck
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    how do you LOSE MASTER???
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    @Trithon Apparently my colleauge has his own work branch which he uses as the "master" branch. So the actual master branch got left behind a while ago. In terms of lose I mean its like a unused branch.
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    Master is dead. Long kive the new master!
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    In one project, we actually had like 4-5 branches named "master", " main", "release" etc. left behind. What would happen is, we changed a shit ton, made one huge commit, then decided that we don't want to pick an updateful of changes, so we would assert that shit was working and then add the new version on a new branch as semver-major with a todo in the comment reminding no one to merge with [previous name for master]
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    Delete the master branch and recreate it.
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