The overreach by a single company near or close to near monopoly on the internet is beyond bone chilling.

To be precise, I am talking about Google extending its reach by forcing people to use AMP in the webpages.

I get insta furious when i see my favorite webpages using them and effectively my entire browsing activity on that page is happily recorded for clicks and ads.

To just bypass that i have to unnecessarily add more and more addons to lock them out of my browsing which in turn WEAKENS my entire browser.

And sincerely saying, this sort of outreach is becoming really annoying. Because plain JS and Cookie Blocking will not work. and slowly people are running out of options.

If posts about AMP are being made earlier, I apologize.

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    posts were made criticizing AMP, but they are never too few.
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    Haha, but to see highly technical webpages like Ars Technica and Wired go the route of AMP.

    Its really pissing me off a lot.

    I wish devs take the initiative to oppose the spread of AMP and tell the managers/clients the reasons to NOT use it.
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    AMP would not even be necessary had the majority of frontend devs not gone full apeshit with their bloated and stupid crap.
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    Adding soo much of bloated JS made AMP necessary.😔
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    Absolute noob here but I'm sure incognito mode might help a little bit?
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    I've switched almost entirely to bind and duckduckgo.

    Not because of corruption. It's just, lately, last few years, Google's search results have been pure watery shit.

    They got fucky with the algorithms too much and half the time, if you want a useful link you have to go 3-4 pages back, minimum.

    Fuck that. It's so bad, if I was in the market, I'd buy put options against google just to spite them.
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    God damn. First I spell "great" as "grate" and now I'm spelling "bing" as "bind."

    I need to stop posting on Devrant while drunk.
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