Google apparently blocked users of small browsers like Konqueror, Qutebrowser or Falkon from loggining into their account, because of "security" concerns. Well played, Google! I hope you will be happy if a few users will switch to your data crawling machine.

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    @shoop That doesn't mean a technology giant should have the audacity to exclude those people from using their account just because they use the "wrong" browser.
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    @PrivateGER But isn't that the case with old IE browsers as well ?
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    @alexbrooklyn IE is a different case because it is outdated and supports basically nothing.
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    have you ever heard about SECURITY?
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    Security in WWW, is that even possible?
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    Maybe they are concerned about your security because logging in you would lose your privacy. With chrome it's already lost.
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    Just asking: Did they generally do it, or only disallowed specific (outdated?) WebKit versions? The former is idiotic (as they still allow logging in with Safari), the latter is a good idea.
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    Everyone hates IE6.
    I feel that chrome IS a new IE
    Too bad there is not really another option :( Even EDGE runs on chromium now. (Using it !)
    FireFox dropped the ball like 3-4 years ago.
    Give me my Netscape 7 !
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    @NoToJavaScript Give ffox another shot, it improved vastly in every way since 3 years ago.
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