Why Tesla's Cybertruck doesn't have mirrors ?

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    It has cameras
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    @dontPanic does that mean it wouldn't need windows that could be smashed? Monitors instead of Windows it is!
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    @p100sch it would be a nice prank to apply some mud on those cameras while driving 😌
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    @netikras while the Assistent is driving. Maybe that's too much havoc.
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    @frankot I discovered not too long ago that some people across the pond like to do what's called "rolling coal". So I wouldn't be surprised if the same breed would do what @netikras said.
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    Because it's currently just a concept car
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    Wait I didn't even realize that, is that street legal? Even if it uses cameras?
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    @cosmicdev Depends on the laws/countries. Is harder to use something on the road in Europe than it can be in North America.
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