Gets assigned bug.

Repro steps:

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    "Not a Bug"
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    Recategorize as feature.
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    It just did!
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    Story of my life
    Just a f*****g screenshot with title bug and no more information.

    You sir/mam, have a bug in your brain. Get it fixed before you go into the app to perform testing
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    I want your opinion on this one.

    Back in the days when mailing lists were used instead of today's direct solutions (e.g. GitHub issues), people cared about writing detailed issues, including what they think the problem is related to, where the potential flaw is and so on and so forth.

    In my opinion, people still have the need to write everything as formal and detailed as possible when writing an email. The saddest part of all of this is when I noticed this behavior on myself.

    I often edit issue descriptions, because I missed smth, didn't get to the point across, or accidentally submitted the issue without a description at all.

    In contrast, when I'm writing an email, I carefully check if everything is there, don't make any harsh decisions, and verify every detail I've written in the email as I'd have to write a follow-up email explaining that I forgot to mention smth.
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