You think NORMAL updates are slow?
I have to install these twice, once from the desktop then again at boot-time!

(gift desktop for my uncle, but we're almost out of bandwidth for the LAN network for the month... had to go sit outside (yes, OUTSIDE) a McD's so I could have both power and network access. It was 2° outside.)

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    How can you run out of it? Are you using a mobile data plan?
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    @Jilano https://netgear.com/home/products/...

    it's either this or 200 baud dial-up (that we can't get anyway as the lines are too saturated, and since they want $80k per foot for better lines and i live in buttfuck nowhere...)

    also technically it's unlimited but, y'know, "excessive use"... 400GB disappears fast in this day and age, especially when used to ACTUAL unlimited broadband and not a phone that only does hotspot and isn't a phone.

    (I'm also still here doing troubleshooting at 1:30AM, AND 1GB of updates are still pending, thanks WSUSOffline for forgetting 1/6 of your target files...)
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    @Parzi wtf?!?!? You have limited L.A.N. ????

    Excuse me, but WHAT THE F....???

    How about getting a cheapo router?
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    @Parzi do they have any other options in your country?
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    @netikras I think @Parzi is from the "Land of the Free" where "unlimited" is more of a "unlimited(tm)" and the companies fuck you over.
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    @Jilano why not get a cheapo router for home if he only needs lan..? I mean.. Any off the shelf would do. I've never heard of non-free lan tbh. Nor have I heard of companues throttling lan throughput.

    Who the fuck does that!?

    It's like making air in the house's venting system paid or throttled.. Wtf!
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    @netikras "So you're the one stealing all my air! You're going down you sick fuck!"

    As to "why", I don't know. I'll try to find some more information.
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    @Parzi please tell me that you meant that your internet traffic is capped not your LAN - by "limited LAN" you're implying that your local home network is limited to 400GB. As in - sending a 400GB chunk over SCP to another computer would fit the limit.

    If you actually meant it then do as @netikras said - get *any* network router but the one provided by your ISP.
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    @netikras @arcsector @Jilano @theKarlisK my bad, I shouldn't explain shit at 1AM.

    Yeah, I meant Internet traffic, local traffic isn't counted. I said "LAN" as we have one data plan for all Ethernet-based and Wi-Fi-based devices, and, y'know... 1AM.

    (I have heard of people using the provider's modem/router combo box having the ports killed entirely at whatever limit, and having local traffic count toward it... mainly local ISPs but y'know.)
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    @Jilano I am indeed under Unlimited™ rule. We technically could get cut for "excessive use" at anywhere from 100GB to 13TB (we don't get to know that number,) but since we're in an area where it's mobile data or nothing, we only go up to 400GB as that's as ballsy as my dad'll get with it.
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    @Parzi another reason to not live in the "land of the free" is this
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