Don't understand what the hype about Elementary OS was. Used for ca. half a year, do not see any benefit.

If this is supposed to provide "usability" on a Linux kernel, then I am sorry, but in this regard it is a tremendous failure.

All tasks take long, there are all sorts of bugs, today I needed a multi-monitor setup for a presentation "real quick", dear lord was that a shitshow.

Nah, this thing is not for me.

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    It's literally just desktop Ubuntu in even more shit
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    Multi-monitor stuff works pretty well in anything not Ubuntu-based.

    So pure Debian, Manjaro (or even pure Arch if you really want to), etc.
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    Did they at least fix the graphical glitches by now that occur when you connect an external screen/projector or hibernate and wake up the PC?

    I tried 2 different versions of eOS and after the second one still had all the bugs I had before I gave up on it.
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    That's why you need to way just a little bit more for the HURD it will even solve world hunger.
    Or you can, you know use an OS that is Desktop-oriented from the ground like Binbows or Macn'cheeseOS. Or at least something that is not Ubuntu in yet another clowns disguise
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    Elementary OS looked for me too much like Mac OS. Thus I expected it to be shit. Thanks for your confirmation!
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    @kescherRant idk about debian, but on arch I usually just plug in the monitor and configure it with arandr, so almost plug&play
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    @Benedikt I have to say that although mac os is a pretty shitty os, the external monitor support is pretty much as good as it can get (from my experience)
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    I mean, I tried eOS with little expectations, but my UX with this is pretty bad. Shit is derpy af. The system is just experimental, so now I am thinking about going the other direction and set up Arch.

    Dunno. The Arch-snob culture kinda turned me off of it, but it seems like something I might enjoy. *shrug*
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    @deadlyRants Not from what I've seen. My second monitor started derping once connected and the OS went batshit crazy when I attempted to fullscreen stuff on secondary.
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    Well, to be honest, I use Elementary OS for about 3 to 4 years now and I am pretty pleased with it.
    Its not slow for me, but I run it on a SSD with the home dir on a HDD.
    About the UI, I am more of a terminal guy, so am not using it so much. But it looks modern and clean, which can't be said of all Linux distro's.

    Multi-monitor is working fine for me btw, so maybe its more of an driver issue..
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    @kescherRant Running Kubuntu with 6 screens ;)
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    @Maer don't forget to add "I use arch btw" to everything when you switch - it's a mandatory system requirement without whitch the system bricks itself.
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    @linuxxx guess you got lucky
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    @kescherRant never had a problem on ubuntu with multi-monitor setup
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    or i am unlucky
    either way, Ubuntu and I don't have a good relationship
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