How many of you are excited about The Witcher on Netflix?
Me = 🤩

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    I'm curious, but not excited
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    It has a lot to prove and a very high bar of excellence to reach (the Witcher games). I want it to be good honestly, but I'm sceptical.
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    Yesssss! I don’t have a lot of time for games anymore but I just bought Witcher 3, and it’s the first game I’ve been really into in a long time. It reminds me a lot of elder scrolls
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    It’s also one of the few games I don’t mind a lot of cut scenes. It’s a great story
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    It feels like Netflix is all out of ideas for new series and simply throws money at the problem.
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    @JFK422 If I had the money some people have, I would definitely throw it at people's faces just to be left alone.
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    being excited is ok, but don't expect much.

    you have to be insane to think netflix is capable of producing something that comes even close to the quality of game of thrones in any aspect of filmmaking.

    I'm not even a hardcore game of thrones fan, I just watch netflix. It's the fastfood of films+series.
    They produce one trainwreck after another.
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    I'm really scared...I don't want another TV thing fucking up this game too!
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    @jesustricks yeah i have been curious about their production level, from the trailer looks pretty solid

    The actors are great. Henry Cavill is a big fun of the witcher series so he will dive deep in the character

    I have high hopes for this, hope not be disappointed

    Although even if its shit i will watch all the seasons 😅
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    I'm looking to buy it soon as I finally have a PlayStation

    I will leave it when i finish all episodes so I can enjoy more of it :)
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    It's unwatchable disaster.
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    @PAKA really? I love it, watched in 2 days 🤩
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    @priandpasta I find it painfully Americanized
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