Yes, Google is my friend, but is there anything out there that aesthetically better looking than a MacBook pro, I'm suffering trying to find something out there that I like and that's as solid...

In all cases I'll be running Linux on the machine, but can't find something that pulls off great performance and aesthetically pleasing at the same time..

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    I love my MacBook Pro, there just isn’t anything PC based that had that awesome look and feel.
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    @gazza101uk true, I'm just avoiding a new one (mines begining to cough) is driver issues with Linux
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    Something like surface products, hp elite, asus swift products
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    @volttide surface is the closest, but the performance trade-off..
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    Dell XPS? Razer Blade, the Mercury White one or whatever it's called?
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    @RememberMe XPS is top of my list at the moment, but I guess being used to MacBook Pro's aluminum body and premium feel makes the XPS feel a bit flimsy, I'm having a look at the razer to see if it's any better
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    @nurox I also vote for dell xps. It does feel solid. Full aluminum on the outside, plastic [or carbon? Idk] on the inside. Frankly I do prefer a warmer and more thermally insulated inside as that's where I keep my hands.

    Many people dislike camera placement. Since I hardly ever use it I did not feel the discomfort. It's a webcam after all, not a live conversation. Ofc there will be a fixed view angle. Be it at the top or at the bottom - it's still there and it's still visible
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    @netikras yea, the camera placement at the bottom isn't ideal, but I rarely use it anyway, and I think the newer model comes with the camera back on top,
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    @nurox @netikras camera is fixed in the new models. I have it and love it. Performance is ofc better than macbook, but then it's difficult to find anything these days that's not outperforming macbook. I would advise against I9, because of thermal throttling. (macs suffer even more, you can find plenty of tests on the Internet).

    No major issues with Linux, just need to follow Arc wiki (even if you don't use Arc; I'm on suse mostly). But! There is no fingerprint reader driver for Linux :(
    Works flawlessly under Windows.

    Feels really nice, lightweight, sturdy, quite pretty. Oled screen is indescribably beautiful. That said, most of the units still suffer from vertical banding, so if that's a killer feature for you, make sure you have a painless return policy.

    But most importantly, find a store where you can hold it in your arms (or a friend who has one of these) and see how does it feel in your arms. Because everyone (like me here) will give you personal (read: biased) impressions.
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    Dell xps, hp spectre, ms surface, asus zenbook, lenovo yoga, razer...
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    I think ThinkPad feel nicer and look very nearly as aesthetic
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