This is not an ad!

But if anyone is in a need for a decent java profiler - here's yourkit's festive deal: https://www.yourkit.com/purchase/ (Personal)

You can legally use this licence for both personal and commercial needs. It's non-expiring. You can have up to 3 profiler copies simultaneously (deactivate one to activate another if all 3 slots are used)

I just thought some of you might find this useful. Since I'm a performance engineer I grabbed this deal as if it was the last one in the shelf :) The tool is good, the price is decent and it's for lifetime.

Again, it's not an ad. I don't care if you purchase it or not. I just thought I've come across smth nice and felt like sharing.

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    This is not an ad but
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    I'm waiting for the forced segue into the ad. "if you are like me and like to engineer a performance in your job, then ShillShare can help with shilled professionals around available anytime anyday
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