"We'll reach you out soon"

This is a sign you got rejected without hurting you.

"How do you see yourself few years from now?"
Is a sign that your employer would end your contract or you get to be terminated if you say that you will not be in their company.

"What's your expected salary?"
If you went overboard, they won't accept you. You either lower it or never give a fixed salary.

God why did no one tell me about these sooner. I'm facing mind-reading interviewer/recruiter/hr just to please them.

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    Love these cliff notes. Saves so much precious time.
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    The first point hasn't always been my experience, but I cannot agree more with number 3!! I read an article a while ago about why you should never give a number for salary, have them offer first. Made a lot of sense to me and I haven't given a number since.
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    @kurczynski Some recruiters will not let you get away with not giving a number if you want to be considered.

    My approach is to do some research to know the ballpark and aim for they higher part of the range.

    If they reject you due to that they are not prepared to invest in you and are likely only looking to fill a spot for the smallest cost, and thats not a place I want to bee, and I have had the benefit of never being that much in need of the job to sell my self short.

    If I was desperate for a job, sure take what is offered and continue hunting for better.

    If they choose to start negotiations regarding the salary requested you know that they at least want you and if they try offering to low, ask why.

    At least where I live there is a heavy shortage of skilled developers so its very much our advantage.
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