Does anyone actually talk to his or her rubber duck at work?
I tend to use colleagues as rubber ducks. Aren't non-dev colleagues weirded out when they see you talk to an actual rubber duck?

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    I talk to my ducky.
    It talks back and calls me crazy for talking to it.

    Talking through a problem is a key part of this field, and if no ones going to listen, then you have a duck.

    Fuck the social awkwardness, they either get it, or think you've gone bat shit crazy... or both.
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    No ;)

    They are mostly impressed with the ducks patient listening :P
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    I used to have until my co-worker took it. Anyway I realized I don't actually need it or it doesn't have to be a duck since I can simply talk to myself. And no I'm not weirded out since we often do a lot of self-talk.
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    I actually don't have a rubber duck, I talk to the code itself and ask it to be more straightforward.
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    I have an android plushie from google that I got from their interview. Some co workers see me talking to it and ask me where I got it.
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