Google vs Oracle re Java. Opinions?

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    wait, even google has a jvm now?
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    You mean the lawsuit? DVM?
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    Java will be dead before the end of the lawsuit.
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    If we cannot duplicate APIs for competing technology then it will damage innovation. The whole point of copyright law is to promote innovation by providing limited monopolies for short periods of time. Now that short period of time is upwards of 100 years and is being used to stifle innovation and competition.

    This shit has been abused for too long. I remember back when lego mindstorms had a linux usb driver. It used the same api as the lego kit. Lego shutdown the linux driver by posturing about copyright law. It was totally bullshit and hurt lego as they lost the linux community for a time.
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    @lastNick if the lawsuit takes 200 years maybe
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