I am a beginner here .. may some one help me to know what I can do with the app? I would really appreciate it 💓🍃🙈

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    Converse with other people over the internet in the forum format.
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    @bahua So would do any affect on my programming skills?😅
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    @Ayotii Every now and then someone will mention an interesting new technology that might be worth checking out
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    You can rant. And read others' rants
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    I would not have heard specific details about Arch distros if not for devrant. I'm a Manjaro user because of devrant.
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    Thanks so much ! 💓🙏🏻
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    @netikras glad you didn't mention "you can post memes and read others' memes" ... Oh, shit, sorry
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    @bahua I got into using vim because of dR, and now it's one of my favourite tools. You certainly do pick up useful stuff here.
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    @sirjofri why on earth would I....?
    It's DevRANT, not DevMEME.
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    Be grateful you're not as worse off as some others.
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    This is a place you can post all your meme images. Just make sure to post them under "rant" category.
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    Welcome! Please share some bad language and hate for stackoverflow. You'll fit right in.

    Otherwise just scream about your terminal being all errors, your server going up in flames, personal stuff breaking down in your life, your job, boss or clients being stupid, cat pictures, etc.
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