I agree 😇😇

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    :( that helps women feel comfortable in our community. Not.
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    me.sober = false
    My woman is mad at me because we celebrated my friend's 30th birthday and im still not sober 😂
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    @Iiro362 Find the moment when the sober and drunk are on a special ratio and go writing some code. You'll see magic hapenning under your fingers! :D (seriously, you will)
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    You misspelled manager.
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    @h3ll no, not always right. But very proficient at tireing us, or at least me, out with a wall of words I cant be bothered to argue with.

    So i just end up agreeing to save myself time and anguish. My partner is right alot though 😬😁
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    And like software itself we can't live without them there might be some bugs here and there but we love them just the same. (Men are like very old people that can't use technology. We don't know how can we make women tick and get frustrated while throwing the blame at the technology)
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    That's why I can't keep a gf (least I hope that's the reason)
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