hey peeps, 2 questions:

1. do you know about some kind of firewall/antivirus for pc that can just allow the user to accept/block an internet request , like no root firewall does for android.

I have been using that simple, beautiful piece of open source for last 2ish years. The way it sends a notification when an app tries to make an internet request(even in the background!) has helped me detect and remove so many viruses.

2. i am thinking of doing a factory reset on my windows. My laptop came loaded with win10 and office , and i don't have the keys for it( it shows a special partition having some backup of window i guess?). So i had a couple of thoughts:
- will my office get removed?[i don't want this]

- I created several other partitions( d,e,f,p) would they go back as a single C drive?[doesn't effect me as long as i can create them again]

- the languages and modules i installed via cmd(java/python/ruby/pip modules/git/etc), would they also get removed? [i really want that]

- i am probably thinking this won't happen, but is their a possibility that the recovery partition that my windows came with, would also get removed[ i don't want that]

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    1.) If you want to block the full domain, you could just add the following to C:\Windoozle\system32\drivers\etc\hosts


    But this blocks the domain for all users on the system and only the domain name resolution thus a direct request to the target IP might still work.
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    @PonySlaystation but i don't know the domains. and also, most of the times, my softwares like utorrent , vlc, git or some virus is running in background and making requests. how will i stop them?
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    Use an antivirus scanner that can run a boot time scan and Scan you're drives and remove issues.

    Run malwarebytes when you're system eventually boots back up.

    Stop downloading dodgy porn from torrents and find some reputable uploaders instead of just clicking the first link you find.

    If you still have issues after that, turn off you're pc, remove the HDD/SSD, go grab a drill, and drill as many holes as you can fit through it.

    Go buy a new drive and plug it in, install windows, add antivirus protection, and go back to downloading midget porn... feel free to return to this comment in a week or two to repeat.
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    2. When you do a reset with Windows it removes all applications. If you chose to fully reset it, you will lose your partitions and your files as well.

    I’d recommend just buying a home version of Office 365, then doing a full factory reset. Probably your easiest solution.
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    @C0D4 lol i don't do porn or antiviruses(windows defender ftw!) , but yeah there's a lot of dodgy shit i download via Utorrent and never got effected by it

    My main concern is a lot of traces and junk files left into my pc after i remove softwares. Also i use many IDEs who automatically install a lot of languages and programs which are later used by the other IDEs without my knowledge. I like this behaviour , but in this way i cannot learn what a software really needs.

    In other times , those softwares get incompatible with the installed libraries and end up installing a different version of the same library or giving mad errors.

    I am thinking this time i will install everything on docker or virtual machines, so as to get a less "collaborative" environment (but those stuff are confusing)
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    @Diactoros thanks for this. I just also got a response on windows forum that i can register my office on the office website and get its key from there.
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    @TitanLannister If it’s new enough, yes. I think 2010 onwards.
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