I'm writing a couple of tutorials on web development, nothing really professional, just my perspective on explaining things from scratch.

It's funny how quickly things get hard to explain.
You try to explain web frameworks and you have to differentiate between client side and server side frameworks.

But some people don't know what client or server means.

So you try to explain what the client-server model is.

But then the word model is not clear to some people, it's like a jargon word in software, so you have to give some kind of explanation for the word.

And so on.

This complexity and layering of terms is normal on every science, but I feel terms deserve proper explanation and disambiguation, which isn't usually done.

So far I don't feel a lot of things are as complex as they are considered in an atomical sense, they are complex in the sense of requiring understanding of layers that are very simple in themselves.

It is quite a challenge to be the least obscure, to give explanations with the least number of possible interpretations.

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    if you want the perspective of a completely noob web dev beginner, i can assist. I am thinking of learning web dev and i would really want a course from scratch
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    @TitanLannister thank you, I will be sure to mention you here if I get something decent going, I won't guarantee that though haha, I can be unconsistent.
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    Isn't everything like that, though?
    Mathematics is complex, but each layer of it is quite simple once you understand the previous layers.
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    @Root yeah, as mentioned in the post as well.

    I remember when I was younger I have tried to do my own version of khan academy math where each article would have a list of dependency articles you would need to read to understand the current one.

    Thus forming a tree of math knowledge.
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    @jesustricks Aha! My phone screen is badly broken; I missed that when reading your rant and filling in the bits I couldn't see. 😅
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    About several months before I wrote an article about hooks in react native, but it was never finished because I really confused on what to explain on the article😂
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