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    :( repost from imgur. Ur tag was it's title... Shame
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    @shynka I don't see the problem here I guess most picture post on devRant are repost from somewhere else #Sharing IsCaring
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    @ElCapitan It's the internet. Welcome to it. Where everyone shares, (steals) everything. Where news sites steal from other new sites, and people spread memes like it's a note 7
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    Some companies can only see their self and assume their product is the only thing you need in your life (ref macbook wall wart charger).
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    Honestly I'd rather have something like this than a smaller dongle with no shielding. People complained about the 360 adapter having a wire
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    Double penetration?😂
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    The one in the top is not connected
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    @SithLord No shit dude.
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