my ISP provides me an external IP address. what is the easiest way to hide that external IP and show only my local ip lets say to the outside world?

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    😁 nice joke 😁
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    Shut down internet and send them a letter
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    @netikras So basically it depends on ISP. Thanks for informative answer
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    @zemaitis oh, I indeed thought that's a joke :o

    since now I see it's not -- you cannot exposr your lan ip to the world. It's just not possible.

    What you COULD do to "hide" your IP is to use some proxy server or a vpn as a proxy. That way the outside world would see your proxy's address, not you actual ext ip**.

    ** the proxy host will still see your actual IP. But since you delegate all your calls to the proxy, the rest of the world will "think" it's the proxy server making those calls.
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    @netikras I see, thanks
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    There is no way to do this on IP level because e.g. is a private network IP, and external routers will not even forward that.
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    @netikras and it's still possible that the actual ip leaks if some program decides to leak it
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    Well. It is possible.

    But don't expect any replies, and you risk your ISP blocking your account!

    Do not try this at home:
    Any decent firewall on the edge router can do a simple sourcea ddress override with a packet mangle op.
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    @magicMirror Even if you did that - how would the other side be able to reply, given that private network IPs have no public routing?
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    @Fast-Nop As I wrote:
    "don't expect any replies".

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    @magicMirror Ah I didn't get that it was this kind of reply. *ooops* ^^
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    @magicMirror possible? How?
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    You could use a VPS you controll as gateway and Route all your traffic through it using either openVPN or in Linux simple SSH. Note however the public IP of that VPS will be known.
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    read this:

    I did not say it is a good idea, or that it will work. because it won't. but you can spoof the source ip.
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    @magicMirror overwriting src_ip field in an outgoing ip packet? I doubt it would pass through ISP's infra. Even to the outside..
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    @netikras 🤦‍♀️
    thats why it was a joke! a joke! ffs.
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    @magicMirror I thought a joke was that the receiver will not know where to return the package 😁 [mirror attack?]

    anyway, the "joke" will not "show" the custom ip as OP asked for as the package won't get out far
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    @netikras But not all ISP drop outgoing packets based on weird source IPs.
    So... it is possible that the target server will get the packets. It just will not be able to send a reponse back.

    And this is called an "amplification" attack, done on the spoofed Ip, with the idea to ddos it. And thats why most ISPs will drop the packets.
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