1 in 5 rants in the past week have been about Python bashing. Did I miss some sort of cataclysm or something?

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    Nah it's just that bashing JS for failing to understand how floating point math even works has become a bit old.
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    Yet, Python maintains its position as the fastest growing programming language, even outshining Java this year.
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    Taking bets for next week, either PHP or Java.
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    @BarakaShuzuko it's a frequent flyer around here, usually a safe bet 😅
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    yea rants about languages seem to have a bandwagon affect here, for every one you get at least 5. The most common ones are on a regular rotation, js was last week, python this week, php is every couple of weeks, so on and so forth. There was even a series of rust rants about a month ago.
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    You’ve put some thought into this 🤣
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    I'm curious. Have any of the Python-bashers recommended better languages or said anything like "I wish Python was more like X" in their rants? I've been looking for a new language to learn recently but I keep coming back to Python.
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    @EmberQuill can you show me a time I bashed on python?

    I come from a php background, I rarely bash* on a language... and I use a few.

    *excluding nodeJs, because that's just wrong and waiting for some major package to be pulled down and watch them internet burn again, but JS its self I have no issue with.
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    @C0D4 I never said anything about you bashing Python though...
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    Just a way to demonstrate that you're special.
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    @EmberQuill if you want a recommendation I’d personally recommend GoLang if you want something new
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