So I have been using colab for the past 2 years. I liked how without any setup you can use kernels with GPU and TPU with some configuration.

But recently I can't train any model. It always goes runtime error, runtime disconnected, not to mention they have limited their total hours of usage for a day.

I know you are providing everything for free but this is just annoying. I dont mind if google wants to start a subscription plan for colab...its much better for fast prototyping than getting a cloud server from google or aws or anything of such sorts.

I have been trying to train a model with only 3 gigs of data and I cant complete the model, once I change the tab it shows Runtime Disconnected. DAMN it.

Sadly, I am trying not to use colab from now on.
But yeah I am frustrated with colab and their services.

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    Run it from mobile or just have an idle computer with it running, that's what I do at least
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    @enron456 what do you mean by that
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    @Liser55k any time you open up that the same Cole a project on any device it connects to the runtime and shows the output oh, so what I usually do is that IHOP from devices as I need to in order to keep it running
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