Very annoyed by PR comments for temporary fixes.

I made a one line change that basically removes a link from showing. Test it via UI and it worked 100%. Then a more senior engineer comes in and says to do it a different way that takes more time to get the hotfix out and 3 times the amount of files changed.

Why? What's the fucking point? It's a temporary fix that will be removed in a week. Why waste my time and your time? Now I'm wasting time on here.

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    Mark it as won't fix with an explanation
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    Nope. Do the work even more complicated, and with unnecceary changes. Explain to Boss, that the senior wated "this done". let them hash it out, while everyone works overtime.

    The only way some people understand is through failure, and Money. Doing it the correct way the first time?? they never do.
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    Temporary fixes always worry me. So many times they become permanent and you end up stuck with the technical debt for years.
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    Temporary fixes, at most companies, are usually permanent.
    The senior dev probably knew this and just prevented you from writing something that you'd still curse next year.
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