I just used Visual studio c++ for the first time. In comparison to intellij it just sucks, so many features are missing, im fighting with the editor all the time.. For example Code completion, visual studio suggests me the method name, i press enter, new line inserted, wtf? Apparently only tab is working here, next try, visual studio suggests method, I click tab, method name inserted but whithout brackets, omg. The standard shortcut for commenting out code is CTRL+K followed by CTRL+C, if you want to use the code again you need to use CTRL+K followed by CTRL+U. HOW STUPID IS THIS? Refactoring of code, e.g. Method names also sucks...

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    Ok don't use it then lol

    But good job not be a close minded fan boy who refuses to try other things like a lotta people are.
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    I actually went with a more hipster approach to cpp development on Windows by using nothing but the cl compiler, the 4coders editor aaaaand a fuckload of customizations and batch scripts.

    I don't dig it, but I do at the same time.
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    My friend literally uses vi to code c++ at nutanix
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    Visual studio (which version?) or visual studio code? Intellij is not supposed to be for java?
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    @dontbeevil the newest and normal version of VS. As Im only working on a private project to learn c++, I now switched to clion (for c/c++) which is basically the same as intellij (for java).
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    Just get used to vi key bindings and always install the vi key bindings plugging for your editor. There's a lot less headache
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