In the past couple weeks I've switched from openbox to bspwm, and I am in love. The tiling is whatever, but I love the granular control bspwm offers for monitors, desktops, and nodes(windows). I love running extremely customizable apps like sxhkd, polybar, and picom to make it my own. Anybody else around here using bspwm?

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    Wanna switch from i3-gaps to bspwm soon, it's pretty barebones tho. Binary tree layout seems really cool way to tile which doesn't squeeze everything in 1 direction. Also sxhkd binding looks cool
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    Super barebones. But that's one thing I love about it: you can't use it without putting in the time to learn it, and basically invent your UI.
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    bspwm seems cool but I just switched to sway....
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    I am looking forward to wider adoption of wayland, but I'm selfishly not interested(right now) in being in the testbed for it.
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