Sometimes I just HATE Google.

No, this is NOT because they keep all your data, are evil and all the usual things. I just think they suck, yes there are super cool things and a lot of things are just the best in the field but I just feel like we could do better, there are so many smart people out there I just do not understand why everything is taking so much time.

PS. Just deleted all my browsing histroy accidentally because I didn't read the small print - in the picture attatched.

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    Wow that's a weird UI choice.
    I try very hard to not sign into chrome for this kind of reason :/ sometimes it still happens.
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    The actual WTF is browsing with an active Google account.
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    @Fast-Nop so how do you keep track of your history? I don't like the fact that Google has my data but it's the best out there right now and I find it extremely useful to be able to find things I've done on the web without having to save everything extra. Is there any other service you know of which does this?
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    @chagai95 Locally per device and without sync. That works via the browser alone.
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    @Fast-Nop that's not very practical, what happens when you lose your device? Or just when you searched something on one device but want to find it on the other? I think this is a valid argument to use Google but it's your choice if you are too afraid of them to not use them, just please don't demonize me for it.
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    Just send an email to info@nsa.gov and request a backup.
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