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    Funny thing is they're discussing communism. Well, OP is discussing like, some weird version of communism and everyone else is like wtf.
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    That post is a wild ride of what the fuck
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    "Mobbing culture" i swear the bitching over stackoverflow are getting ridiculous these days, of cause stackoverflow like any community has its flows, but people are way exaggerating the toxicity community of stackoverflow. I dont know who made that post, but that fact he blames capitalisme on something that has nothing to do with, makes his thread even more hilarious, like what the fuck does an economic system have anyhing to do with it at all. But i forgot its always easier these days to blame everyone else than look back at the question to see if there actually was anything wrong with it.
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    @Frederick I used to be on that bandwagon of SO is full of cunts (which is partially true still).

    But people ask some really retarded questions and give little to no code to help but then bitch whenever they get negative feedback.

    Some whack shit
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    @Stuxnet Dont get me wrong, of cause stackoverflow got some cunts on there, but people tends to forget of all the nice ones as well.
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    @Frederick *people post a question with half an error message, no code, and tag the wrong language*

    *question gets closed*

    *people rant about SO and blame capitalism*
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    @Stuxnet my wild unreferenced (there for downvoted and reported according to the unspoken SO rules section) theory is that the cunty part of SO is the result of the community itself carving these people into what they've become... basically the dumb-dumbs drove them nuts. At the same time I have no sympathy for SO - I'll keep make fun of it if I have the chance.
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    Gee, this looks awfully familiar.

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    @theKarlisK I can see both sides.

    People asking retarded questions constantly would drive me insane, BUT you're there voluntarily to answer questions. Just ignore the retarded ones and go for the specific ones you want
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    @Stuxnet exactly - everyone on the Stack Exchange teams is there of their free will. It's why I have no sympathy or faith in SO - it's too big to fail, yet it's been broken beyond redemption for a while now... you can't fix it and it won't just go away already.
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    what a thread.
    new users can be so creative...

    i'm guilty of the same, my first posts here were garbage.
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