I've just poured my whole day into dockerizing of a Rust app.

+ How well do you manage your time?
- Yes.

I think if it's docker, then it's understandable.

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    Docker is pretty cool and the best thing I learned in 2019 tbh.
    Now, I'm working with a couple of guys from work to migrate our CI/CD server to a new one that uses docker so we can avoid introducing side effects to the build plans when changes are made to the server.

    So I'd say you absolutely did not waste your time.
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    Docker really is nice but dockerizing existing installations sucks hard. Had to do this some weeks ago. had to migrate a grafana installation and a graylog installation (including some other components) from two machines into one docker stack. No fun at all
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    @ShotgunSurgeon Yeah. At least I'm dockerizing my own project.
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