So it's been almost a whole day and I've still not managed to Install Arch with LUKS/LVM and grub2. Time to give up? Yes.

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    Noooo. Don't give up.
    Arch has bootctl. Maybe you can use that instead of GRUB.
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    @orhun ended up just installing Arch without LUKS/LVM. Just like I had it before. 🤷‍♂️
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    when you have to put in 100 manhours of work just for Arch to install successfully, maybe it's not user error... maybe the OS is just shit.
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    Have a look at Manjaro, it's arch based and a damn sight easier to install than pure arch. (disclaimer, I can't remember if it had an option for LUKS/LVM on install though, it must be there somewhere though).
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