How do you get clients when you have a team of engineers ready to work on a project? Where am i as the leader supposed to look for clients?

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    You could try advertising your services. Like every other business already does.
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    @sodaTab can you explain in more details please?
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    So , i am in the same faze as you.
    Seeking for clients.

    Myself as a startup all by myself, how would i find clients?

    You have monthly costs having your company and so you also need to make money, no doubts!

    I have tried freelance...mhmm hard to find clients as a junior on the platform having no reviews.

    I honestly recommed to have a partnership with a bigger company to provide you with different projects, are plenty out there, this is probably my way to go too!

    Good luck mate!
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    Don't put the cart before the horse. If you build it they might not come. I'd start with looking for leads and creating a website. Advertising to small businesses. And mid companies . Move up to trying for government contracts. But ya the trick is to have clients first
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    I hate to say this but if you have to ask on devRant you shouldn't be the leader of a team 🙄
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    Team leads are not sales people.
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