Have a child, it's about time. Find a wife first. It's a personal dev project.

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    Wife.exe is notoriously bugged. Take care source code has no comments and bad documentation. Half the time the cook() is busted must be a multi threaded issue. And once you have kids just wow. They are great. And she will secretly/honestly hate you for undisclosed x of time. For not having been pregnant yourself. Enjoy
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    Fork() a child is the backup plan
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    Wife.exe is known as a "beta" version as @skprog mentioned.

    Unfortunately he forgot to mention that this program runs on occasional expensive injects. Flowers? Bring no less than 100 or else you may experience cook() functionality to be off, sex() to be crashed and well, occasional mad() to be a top priority process. Jewelry may help to add capacity in operations but that depends. Sometimes actual vacation() call must be done or total bedBurrito() mode activated in order to clear up the process.

    Oh and children().spawn() is a painfull 10 month procedure with actual 18 years of balancing between resources.


    But may the future hold the best for you and your wife.exe bring value to your business rather than chaos and crashing.
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    @potata is she open source?? 🙈
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    sounds like a Promise()
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    @drego Open sourced wife comes with a side-affect on system performance. Most likely some form of HIV or something like that may be introduced in the system.

    It is best to have a shared wife.exe that can run on multiple platforms. Just an issue there - you may have conflicts of some sorts. So preferrable to avoid those.
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    Disaster ..
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