Life cycle of code

1- See what sound code I have written! It's beautiful.

2 - Hey we missed something last time, just add this bit of tweak.

3 - We need to add some flags for some exception cases

4 - Hey there is a new requirement. Just add some more paths and more flags

5 - More flags!

6 - This shit runs now more on flags than on the design!

7 - Flagception!

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    Pretty much 80% of software development seems to be setting up failsafes for stupid data.
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    A flag, inside a flag, inside a flag. Wait a minute, that's just like dependency hell!

    Welcome to Dr. Sheldon Cooper's and Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler's 'Fun with flags'.
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    I'm eagerly awaiting the day that flags are universally accepted as an anti-pattern.
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