I don't know about you, but a double-digit percentage of my swearing aloud while using a computer takes place when a site uses its javascript bullshit to grab my keypresses, so that when I hit the slash key to search the text of the page(something I do A LOT), it instead moves my focus to their own search field, where I will be halfway through typing before I see that the hijacking has taken place. Today I wondered if this was annoying to anyone else, and found that yes, yes it is. Maybe it annoys you too, so here.


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    Yes - I used to only have adblock and script block.

    Now I can't get by without using: HTTPSEverywhere, PrivacyBadger, AdBlock Origin, flash block, html5 media autoplay block, popper blocker, some addon for scrollwheel lock (prevents scroll jacking), some audio level lock addon (prevents volume from jumping between 500 and 40% for "dramatic effect) ... and now I'm consideribg adding search licker of some sort to prevent Ctrl+F jacking.
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    Yeah, that shit makes me angry. I don't follow links to Twitter anymore because I can't even close the fucking tab with ctrl+w. Why do browsers allow overriding browser shortcuts in the first place? What the actual fuck.

    Thanks for the tip, I'm glad there's an addon for that. Is there also one for Chrome-based browsers?
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    I don't know, but I'm sure it'd be easy to find out with a search on the chrome store.
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    @theKarlisK that's a good list of add-ons. I'll have to install some of those later. Kind of wish there was a single add on that blocked all of that crap though.

    Browsers really shouldn't allow keyboard-jacking like that.
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    Slash? So ctrl/cmd f is no longer a thing?
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    @bahua unfortunately I didn't find such a Chrome extension. 😞 That's why I asked.

    What I did find after some more searching is a user script for Greasemonkey and similar extensions (e.g. I use Violentmonkey): https://gist.github.com/isaacl/...

    To allow ctrl+w I added 87 to the meta_keycodes set locally... no idea why that's not included in the gist. Who cares. Works for me in Vivaldi.
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    Yes, very irritating, even using hot keys while browser is open and unfocused will hijack my hot key. (Chrome and gnome) this just started happening on latest update.
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    @hash-table That's weird, xorg triggers events on the ancestors of the current xwindow, propagating down the tree from the root window. Maybe a config issue? Printing the active xwindow could also help, Gnome might not update that properly.
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