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    He's right you know.
    Anyone can, not everyone should.
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    Programming is one of those things that you only get good at if you enjoy it. In addition to that, some people will never get the mindset required to solve "programming problems".

    Change my mind.
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    Well if we do want to switch to renewable resources a lot of jobs will be obsolete. If he plans to subsidies the training for the workers affected im ok. Doesnt even have to be about programming.
    Unrelated this reminded me of journalists getting who wrote that miners should learn how to code, then got fired for unrelated reasons and got mad when people told them that they should learn to code. Fun times
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    He should learn how to program.
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    Ok bombardier
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    It seems like everyone could become a politician as well in the states. The only requirement seems like is to talk about a lot of things you dont know anything about. The pay is way higher anyway.

    The slogan should be everyone should be a politician.
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