Boss: "So I'm taking the next week off. In the mean time, I added some stuff for you to do on Gitlab, we'd need you to pull this Docker image, run it, setup the minimal requirement and play with it until you understand what it does."

Me: "K boss, sounds fun!" (no irony here)

First day: Unable to login to the remote repository. Also, I was given a dude's name to contact if I had troubles, the dude didn't answer his email.

2nd day: The dude aswered! Also, I realized that I couldn't reach the repository because the ISP for whom I work blocks everything within specific ports, and the url I had to reach was ":5443". Yay. However, I still can't login to the repo nor pull the image, the connection gets closed.

3rd day (today): A colleague suggested that I removed myself off the ISP's network and use my 4G or something. And it worked! Finally!! Now all I need to do is to set that token they gave me, set a first user, a first password and... get a 400 HTTP response. Fuck. FUCK. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!

These fuckers display a 401 error, while returning a 400 error in the console log!! And the errors says what? "Request failed with status code 401" YES THANK YOU, THIS IS SO HELPFUL! Like fuck yea, I know exactly how t fix this, except that I don't because y'all fuckers don't give any detail on what could be the problem!

4th day (tomorrow): I'm gonna barbecue these sons of a bitch

(bottom note: the dude that answered is actually really cool, I won't barbecue him)

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    Well this was fun to read :) Hope it'll give you more issues to share!

    Okay, no, seriously - I'd have been pissed and call my boss
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    @ScriptCoded The man that replied to me ran out of ideas and suggested that I'd try again when people come back from vacation (this is a period of the year where everybody takes 1 to 2 weeks of vacation so it's half staffed). I still have no idea what I'll do tomorrow...
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    Maybe you can ask your boss to give you a working internet access next time. And to try whether his stuff actually works before leaving.
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    @Fast-Nop he doesn't have a choice, sadly. The big fat company we're in "knows it better" (awarded joke of the century), so every server or computer we have is locked under at lease one firewall (most of the servers are hidden between 2 of them. Also, our package repository is handled by them, and a team is dedicated on what should be here or not.

    Plus, he was told that some other dudes manage to make the Docker image run without trouble, so it's "doable", and we didn't worry too much at the time. Well I wish I could meet them now.
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    @Drillan767 what I do in such cases is billing the hours on something like "company overhead" so that management gets an idea how expensive it is to enforce ridiculous shit.
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