OK I didn't make any New Year's resolutions, but now that I have to go to work again I wanna make one after all - my morning routine sucks. Do you guys have any strats?

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    Use an app called Alarmy, set a recurring alarm for when you wake up, maths or smth, highest difficulty
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    I'm planning on getting up earlier and going for a ride in the morning before work.

    Getting back up to being able to ride 30+ kms is the dream, it's been a good 10+ years since I did that.
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    @C0D4 ride what? A motorcycle, bicycle, your wife? I suppose the latter.

    Also possible, a ferris wheel, a rollercoaster, a train, some random other thing you can ride, another random thing you can ride
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    @Tayo wife for 30kms, damn boi I ain't that fit.

    Mountain bike.
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    My strategy: avoid afternoon meetings! And plan for just getting things done in afternoons. So plan team work during mornings and block your calendar during afternoons for personal time.

    In the morning you're must productive planning, thinking and talking, in the afternoon you can then make sure stuff gets done; just doing the stuff you need time and personal thinking/creativity for, e.g. programming.

    It's just a change of planning strategy but it might help a lot.
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    Exercise is great in the morning, but nobody really wants to do it (least of all me). So I started doing some light yoga while my coffee brews - I can trick myself into thinking I'm just going to sit and do some breathing and simple stretches to wake my body up, and pretty soon that feels good so I do some more, and by the end I usually do a full 30 minutes of stretching and calisthenics. Then I can go enjoy my coffee and catch up on a little reading before work.
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    @C0D4 ok, bike fixed, using your strat starting Monday. I have to say replacing the brake cables is a bit annoying errand though.
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    @jdebs Alright, started doing some back excercise for 7 minutes (until my coffee cools down), let's see how long will I last.
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