Someone said "never trust a person with the perfect teeth" why?

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    Probably trying to sell something or someone.
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    "Because there's s high chance they're American." *shrugs*
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    Because perfect teeth barely exist
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    "Looks can be deceiving" maybe?
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    @Jilano "You must be American" is a thing some say here, when we notice perfect teeth. It is almost always right.
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    If trust would go up the worse the teeth are, I'd be insanely trustable O_o
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    Do braces exist only in America?
    We have the technology.
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    @SiinaCutie That and being loud :D

    @sodaTab Nope, but spending thousands on a "facade" and overly white teeth, most definitely is.
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    @Jilano it's about $1,000 and 30 minutes for a set of Invisalign braces. No insurance and just one visit.
    I've seen people from all over the world spend $1000 on much less useful junk.
    Then you can chew your crumpets without your gangly ass teeth jamming into the roof of your mouth. Cheers
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    @sodaTab veneers are higher quality than Invisalign dentists say
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    @sodaTab but 1 veneer (fake white tooth) costs like 800$ if not more, and you need like 20-30 veneers.
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    @b2plane never herd of veneers before. That shit seems excessive.
    That braces I'm talking about you just wear while you sleep for 6 months or so.
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    @sodaTab people often call veneers as "Hollywood teeth" because mostly celebrities can afford them

    Remember seeing actors in Hollywood movies having perfect white teeth with no gaps, like they are blessed? Yeah... Those are veneers and not real teeth
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    @sodaTab What you described is to have "normal teeth". I'm sure no one is against that, but when OP said "perfect teeth", those are the overly faked whitened teeth".
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