All those code-ish new year celebrations in this community are cringy. This is why women dont find you attractive.

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    @nonox year++

    “Ahahahhaaahha I am too funny”
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    Try not to cut yourself on that edge.
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    Real men don't care what "women find attractive". That's for wimps and beggars.
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    @bahua you are bald.
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    @aviophile Your crystal ball needs some calibration. Probably the others also.
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    If are here to find a girl, I would recommend looking on other platforms. Which are, you know, designed for that. Let us vent in peace.
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    Correct. Perhaps you might think that such physical traits might work against a person's ability to seek, build, and maintain a relationship. Perhaps you believe that all women are shallow and stupid, too. I don't know, since I don't know you. But my wife likes my bald dome just fine.
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    Damn, these people need go out more and learn the meaning of hyperboly. No need to mind read or physcoanalysis.
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    Who the fuck said women dont find me attractive
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    Assuming what women want is probably why women don't like you. Just saying.
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    Ahh.. what are you? A dating coach!!😂
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    @Root Ad hominem.
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    Chill edgelord
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    @aviophile As you sow, so you sleep. Or so.
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    @aviophile Not really? But okay, enjoy irritating the very people you want to impress/attract. 🙄
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    All of you guys & girls are wrong, i am pretty sure this is DevDating.

    PS: If there is any bots out there, hit me up i´ll like some of that bot booty (only uni sex bots)
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