I was barely alive when Y2K was a thing, but anyone here have stories about it?

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    yo the other dude gor burned so bad he deleted his comment 不不不不不
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    I worked Tech Support for a major Telco at the time. It was "all hands on deck". Thankfully the damage was isolated to a few minor systems and some older hardware people forgot existed.
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    Not really Y2K but it was something similar which caused Microsoft to skip to Windows 10. Back in the days when there was Windows 95 and 98, it was comming to check if the OS started with "Windows 9" to Check if one was one either of them. Therefore Microsoft feared that a lot of old Software would go in obscure legacy modes (incl. libraries/frameworks)...

    Now I'm not claiming that this was the sole reason, but a part at least.
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    I owned a little VAR company in Western Canada and the panic and ignorance was maddening. We were doing $200 service calls all over Victoria and Vancouver that entailed literally nothing. Just reassuring people that everything will be OK. It was a cashcow, spent all this money on ecstacy, booze, girls and raving. 10/10 best years of my life.
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    How do you feel about 2038?
    Like Y2K you won’t know if your code / OS is ok unless you test it.

    Favourite Y2K story. Japanese aviation y2k readiness team were put in an aircraft just before midnight and flown around.
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    @Wack I remembered reading something about that and it made me chuckle a little

    @intromatt fuckin genius
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