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"It’s hard to build a 100% secured system, the only thing you can do is to make the attacker’s job harder."

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    Years ago, a general Dynamics employee (IIRC) stole highly secure info. He defeated the elaborate security systems by taking a video of his computer screen.
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    Whoops.. There's a mistake. How on earth did it get there..

    Lmftfy ~$ fix() { cat | sed -e 's/hard/a pipe dream/g'; }
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    Not hard.
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    Point is making it hard enough that it's less of an investment for the attacker to look elsewhere. Just see what happened when browser downloads and JS were hardened. Attackers moved to the much easier plugins (Java, Flash, Adobe et al).

    I'll leave you with an old Dungeons and Dragons quote (mostly acurate):

    "I don't have to outrun the trolls. I only have to outrun you."
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    "No system is unhackable. It's only a matter of flipping the right bits without being noticed. Unless you wanna be seen, but y'know."
    - the internet
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