*project manager + designer are showing new designs*

PM: so, can we get some estimates?

Devs (literally all of us): do we have a mockup for this interaction?

Designer: no.

Devs: What about that one?

Designer: not yet.

Devs: What happens when you click here? Hover there? How does this look if I select that option + this option at the same time? Does it make sense that a user can select *this* option with *that* option? They're kind of mutually exclusive.

PM: Well...

BTW: code freeze is in two weeks...

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    Ha. God I hate code freezes...
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    This is usually how "adding new features" work in my freelance team.

    The client (who also does the designs) whips up a simple mockup and the front-end devs have to fill in the gaps because no matter how many times we've raised "we need details" in retro, it still keeps happening.

    It's one of the more infuriating things that I see happen but not necessarily have to deal with.
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    Well if there is a code freeze it will be just as static as the mock-up... Problem solved
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    Devs: Here's what we *can* do...

    Devs: <img src="newDesign.png" alt="Bad Leadership">
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